High quality and controlled drying of the material increases its commercial value.


Fresh sawn wood has a high moisture content, which makes it difficult to further process the wood. Excess moisture in the wood - the initial moisture of the wood - must be removed from the wood during the drying process until the final moisture of the wood is reached. Commercial use of the wood shall not damage the wood during the drying process.


BaltBrand Ltd. provides drying services for hardwoods, conifers, lumber and firewood in Salaspils. We work with three BaltBrand convection dryers manufactured in Latvia. Two dryers 75m3, (P / DZ / A -6.8m / 8.7m / 4.1m) and one 110m3 (P / DZ / A - 10.5 / 8.7 / 4.1) operating in automatic mode. Humidity is provided by a high pressure pump with a pressure of 100 bar.
The heat supply to the dryers is provided by a 2Mw biomass boiler with automatic control.
The drying process takes place in a fully automatic mode according to the selected program for the appropriate wood species.
Highly qualified woodworking technologists will take care of the quality drying of your material.

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